Beatles John Lennon

Limited-edition signed original 1985 vintage Polish poster! BEATLES John Lennon

Limited-edition signed original 1985 vintage Polish poster! BEATLES John Lennon

Limited-edition signed original 1985 vintage Polish poster! BEATLES John Lennon

Limited-edition signed original 1985 vintage Polish poster! SIZE: 26"w x 36"h, this is a large poster approx. PRINTING: offset lithograph; poster was printed in Poland. CONDITION: Condition A/A- [mint or near mint]- coloring is vivid and is not ripped, torn or folded; is is linen backed which ensures the excellent condition. ORIGINAL: This poster is an original limited-edition art poster - we do not sell any reproductions.

An original poster is a primary work of art which was not derived from something else. Original posters are printed in limited quantities to visually communicate an idea by attracting a passerby's attention.

Posters of the Polish School can be printed only once or sometimes, usually due to a poster's popularity, can be printed again. Reproductions of a poster are copies or counterfeits of an original poster. SIGNED: This poster is signed in the plate by the artist - Andrzej Pagowski b.

1953 : one of the younger Third Generation artists of the Polish School, his posters are individualized depending on the subject, his oeuvre includes theatrical settings, prints and catalogues, his art can be found in many European museums as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. PUBLICATION DATE: 1985 [first printing was 1979]. For other countries, rates are calculated. [note-if you order more than 1 poster at the same time- only 1 S&H charge to same address].

Contemporary Posters is a division of Prior Products, Inc. Founded in the 1930's and thus has been in continues operation for more than 75 years. Art of the world-famous Polish School of Posters is acclaimed as the best in contemporary poster art - comparable to the genius of France's La Belle époque of the 1890s.

During the golden age of the Polish School of Posters from 1945 (the end of World War II) until 1989 (the fall of Communism), the Polish Government financially supported and encouraged poster art commissioning artist to create posters on specified themes: CYRK [the quintessential posters of the Polish School] as well as exhibit, film, jazz, Jewish, opera, theater and all aspects of the government-run cultural media. The Polish posterists were well-paid, highly-regarded and given much autonomy.

Their posters became the primary art form of the nation and they became the spokespeople of society creating striking images that were the artists' interpretation and commentary on society, often communicating - despite strict censorship - camouflaged political and/or social messages. Spend time pondering this poster! Discover the artists' and/or your own interpretation of the messages residing below the surface of the imagery!

& Polish School of Posters are a striking and affordable way to enhance any room in your home or office. Whether placed singly or in a group, CYRK... Original art posters - with their compelling graphic images and wide range of styles, subjects, messages, and coloring, etc.

Lend themselves to most locations. Styles range from real to surreal, subjects from abstract to animals, coloring from page to psychedelic and messages from clear to cryptic.

And as original art primarily of the 1950s-80s, CYRK.. & Polish School of Posters posters are ideal complements to mid-century modern and contemporary interiors as well as exciting accents to more traditional settings. Visit our website to view photos of decorating with CYRK... Our company, Contemporary Posters, was formed to introduce, establish and offer for sale in the U.

Original contemporary/vintage graphic design art posters. In Europe and Asia, contemporary/vintage graphic design art posters - like paintings, sculptures, art prints & photographs - long have been recognized, exhibited, bought & collected as art. A contemporary/vintage poster is an image created after World War II while an antique/vintage poster is an image created from c.

1890's (La Belle époque) through WWII. All graphic design posters are works of art that attract a passerby's attention to dramatically communicate a message - informing, announcing or advertising a product, event or idea they combine words with type, illustration or photography.

During the period from the end of World War ll (1945) until the fall of Communism in 1989, the Polish School of Posters became recognized as the best in contemporary/vintage poster art. Its artists created renowned theater, music, film & CYRK (circus) posters.

Since CYRK posters are considered the quintessential posters of the golden age of the Polish School of Posters, Contemporary Posters decided to focus almost exclusively on CYRK... S&H is for total poster order (no matter number of posters ordered). For framed orders framing only available in the U. Art is original limited-edition posters by artists of the world-famous Polish School of Posters; all posters were printed in Poland by agencies of the Communist government from the original artwork and, with a few exceptions, posters are archivally linen-backed which is included in the price.

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  • Originality: Original
  • Style: Vintage
  • Year: 1985
  • Subject: Music
  • Size: Large (up to 60in.)
  • Width (Inches): 25"
  • Quantity Type: Limited-edition original poster, on linen
  • Date of Creation: 1970-1989
  • Height (Inches): 36"
  • Listed By: Poster Gallery
  • Features: Signed in the plate
  • Artist: Andrzej Pagowski
  • Color: Blues

Limited-edition signed original 1985 vintage Polish poster! BEATLES John Lennon