Beatles John Lennon

Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New

Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New
Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New
Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New
Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New
Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New
Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New
Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New

Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New
JOHN LENNON - THE LOST LENNON TAPES VOL1 AUDIOPHILE 18 - MINI LP CD BOX SET. JOHN LENNON - THE LOST LENNON TAPES AUDIOPHILE-18-MINI-LP MASSIVE VOL. 1 BOXSETs (18 MINI LP BOX) Volume 1 in a series of boots featuring tracks used in the syndicated US radio series "The Lost Lennon Tapes", originally broadcast from Jan 1988 through March 1992. Sound quality ranges from very good to excellent. Tracks were taken directly from the very rare Lost Lennon Tapes virgin Vinyls from the late 80's and early 90's.

Today, this collection in its complete form is virtually impossible to be found. As a Bonus we also included the ultra rare Yin & Yang album, which can be considered the very first volume of the Lost Lennon series, the one that started it all. The Mini LPs are exact replicas of the old Bag Records Vinyls in sturdy material on par with any Japanese release. Lost Lennon Tapes Volume One : Strawberry Fields Forever The Happy Rishikesh Song Rock Island Line John Henry Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) Keep Right On To The End Of The Road Goodnight Vienna Tennessee (Takes #1 & #4) God Save Oz With A Little Help From My Friends Power To The People Here We Go Again Mucho Mungo God Life Begins At Forty Woman Girls And Boys Clean-Up Time Beautiful Boy Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Two : A1 Revolution A2 Child Of Nature A3 He Said He Said / She Said She Said A4 I'm The Greatest (Early Demo) A5 Make Love Not War A6 How Do You Sleep?

A7 Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy B1 I'm The Greatest B2 The Luck Of The Irish B3 Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him B4 Starting Over B5 I Promise B6 Sea Ditty / Leaning On A Lamp Post B7 Grow Old With Me TRACK DETAILS: A1-A2 Revolution-Child of Nature; Beatles' Esher White Album demos, May 1968 A3 He Said He Said; John's Weybridge home demo, 1966 A4 I'm the Greatest; home piano demo 1973 A5 Make Love Not War (early version of Mind Games); home piano demo, 1973 A6 How Do You Sleep? Tittenhurst studio out-take, 1971 A7 Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy; Home demo with Ringo, Dec 1967 B1 I'm The Greatest; studio demo, 1973 B2 The Luck Of The Irish; Take 1 acoustic demo with Yoko, 1972 B3 Every Man Has a Woman; re-mix with John's vocal harmony prominent (cuts off abruptly) B4 Starting Over; home demo take 3 + drum machine, 1980 B5 I Promise; home piano demo, date unknown (likely 73, incorporated into Mind Games) B6 Sea Ditty / Leaning On A Lamp Post; John at home on piano, 1977 B7 Grow Old With Me; home demo (used on Milk & Honey), late 1980; comments by Yoko Revolution & Child of Nature are demos by The Beatles recorded at Paul's House 1968.

Demos featuring John at the piano are I'm The Greatest (early), Make Love Not War, I Promise and Sea Ditty. Acoustic guitar demos are He Said He Said & She Said She Said [1966] and The Luck Of The Irish.

Guitar and drum machine: Starting Over. Piano and drum machine: Grow Old With Me. I'm The Greatest and How Do You Sleep? Every Man Has A Woman is the unreleased duet with Yoko.

Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy [1967] features Ringo on vocal with impatient encouragement from John. Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Three : A1 Strawberry Fields Forever A2 What's The New Mary Jane?

A3 Julia A4 Across The Universe A5 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) A6 Help! A7 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night A8 We Must Not Forget The General Erection A9 The Wumberlog (Or The Magic Dog) B1 Dear John B2 Whatever Happened To B3 Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love) B4 Peggy Sue B5 Watching The Wheels #1 B6 Watching The Wheels #2 B7 I'm Losing You B8 Beautiful Boy B9 Clean-Up Time B10 One-To-One Radio Spot Outtakes TRACK DETAILS: A1 Strawberry Fields Forever; Kenwood demo, 1966 A2-A3 What's The New Mary Jane?

Julia; Beatles' Esher White Album demos, double-tracked, May 1968 A4 Across The Universe; alternate version/mix, Take 7 RM2, Feb 1968 A5 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number); piano demo, 1967 A6 Help; home demo, 1965 (partial) A7 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night; working home demo, 1974 A8-A9 The General Erection-The Wumberlog (Or The Magic Dog); John reads from A Spaniard In the Works, Tonight (BBC TV), 18 Jun 1965 B1 Dear John; early home demo, 1980 B2 Whatever Happened To... Home demo B3 Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love); demo #2 (given to Ringo), 1976 B4 Peggy Sue; at home B5 Watching the Wheels; home demo #1, piano, 1980 B6 Watching The Wheels; home demo #2, guitar, 1980 B7 I'm Losing You; Double-tracked version of Bermuda demo, summer 1980 (partial) B8 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy); Bermuda demo, turns into studio playback of the Bermuda tape 1980 B9 Clean-Up Time; early studio rehearsal take, late summer 1980 B10 One-To-One Radio Spot out-takes, Aug 1972 Strawberry Fields Forever is a demo (electric guitar) from 1966.

Mary Jane & Julia are White Album demos performed by The Beatles. Across The Universe (The Beatles) is a previously unreleased mix. Piano-backed demos: Cookin', Watching The Wheels #1 & You Know My Name. Guitar based demos: Whatever Get's You Through The Night, Watching The Wheels #2 & Beautiful Boy. (piano), Peggy Sue (guitar) and two unreleased songs Dear John & Whatever Happened To (from the proposed broadway play'The Ballad of John & Yoko'). Record Plant recordings: I'm Losing You, Clean-Up Time and the second part of Beautiful Boy. The General Erection & The Magic Dog feature John reading from'A Spaniard In The Works'. " Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Four : A1 Revolution A2 Power To The People A3 Attica State A4 The Luck Of The Irish A5 John Sinclair A6 Mannish Boy A7'Twas A Night Like Ethel Merman A8 Medley: Beyond The Sea / Blue Moon/Young Love B1 Clean-Up Time B2 Good Morning, Good Morning B3 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey B4 Everyone Had A Hard Year B5 Brown-Eyed Handsome Man B6 Serve Yourself B7 Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me B8 The News Of The Day (From Reuters) A1 Revolution; mono re-mix, John's guitar and Nicky Hopkin's piano not audible, 1968, tagged with the stereo intro and ending A2 Power To The People, early alternate take, Jan 1971 (stereo) A3-A5 Attica State; Live, at the "Free John Sinclair rally at Ann Arbor on 10th December 1971 A6 Mannish Boy (incorrectly listed as I'm A Man); John's take on Muddy Waters, Dakota demo, 1978 A7-A8'Twas A Night Like Ethel Merman/Medley: Beyond The Sea/Blue Moon/Young Love; John messing around at home, 1978 B1 Clean-Up Time; alternate mix, fall 1980 B2 Good Morning Good Morning; early home demo, Jan/Feb 1967 B3 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey; Beatles' White Album Esher demos, May 1968 B4 Everyone Had A Hard Year; home demo, late 1968 (later incorporated into I've Got a Feeling) B5 Brown Eyed Handsome Man; Dakota 1978 B6 Serve Yourself; piano demo, Aug 1980 B7-B8 Lord, Take This Make-Up Off Of Me-The News Of The Day (From Reuters); Bob Dylan parodies, Dakota late 70s Revolution is a significantly remixed version of The Beatles single (Nicky Hopkins piano and John's guitar are not audible on this version). Good Morning Good Morning is John's original demo from early 1967. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (officially known as Come On Come On at the time of this recording) is the Beatles demo version. Everyone Had A Hard Year is John's demo from 1968; this song was eventually incorporated into I've Got A Feeling from Get Back/Let It Be. Attica State, The Luck Of The Irish and John Sinclair are live stereo recordings from the'Free John Sinclair Rally' that took place in ann Arbor, Michigan on December 10, 1971. Clean-Up Time is an unreleased mix of the Double Fantasy track. Power to The People is an early alternate take. I'm A Man, Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (interpolating Get Back), the train-of-thought recitation Twas A Night Like Ethel Merman and the oldies Medley (featuring Beyond The Sea in broken French) are Dakota cassette recordings.

The three final tracks on the album are some of John's Bob Dylan parodies. Serve Yourself features a piano accompaniment and'clean' lyrics. The more notorious guitar-accompanied version with considerably saltier words may be found on the Yin Yang LP (Bag Records 5071). Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Five : A1 Dear Prudence A2 Jealous Guy A3 God Save Us A4 Rock And Roll People A5 Rock Island Line A6 Real Life B1 My Life [Take One] B2 My Life [Take Three] B3 Don't Be Crazy B4 The Worst Is Over B5 In The Studio B6 Starting Over [Vocal Booth] B7 Starting Over A1 Dear Prudence; Beatles' White Album-Esher demos, May 1968 A2 Jealous Guy; alternate take, Tittenhurst studio, July 1971 A3 God Save Oz; John's demo w/ bongos, 1971 A4 Rock And Roll People; home demo, May 1973 A5 Rock Island Line; Dakota demo, late 70s A6 Real Life; Early piano demo, became parts of "I'm Stepping Out" and "Real Love".

B1-B2 My Life; Dakota demo takes eventually would morph into Starting Over and Real Life, 1980 B3 Don't Be Crazy; Dakota piano demo, would later morph into Starting Over, 1980 B4 The Worst Is Over; Dakota demo w drum machine, morphing closer to Starting Over, summer 1980 B5 In the Studio; studio chat discussing Starting Over, late summer 1980 B6 Starting Over (Vocal Booth); John's isolated vocal, recording his vocal at an early take, late summer 1980 B7 Starting Over; alternate take (before overdubs), late summer 1980 Dear Prudence is the 1968 demo. Jealous Guy is a studio outtake from the Imagine sessions. God Save Oz is the original acoustic demo. Rock Island Line is the electric guitar version recorded at the Dakota.

Real Life is a piano demo recorded at the Dakota. Side Two chronicles the evolution of the Double Fantasy track Starting Over, beginning with the Dakota demos of the unreleased songs My Life, Don't Be crazy and The Worst Is Over. Next John runs the studio band through the song. A rough take of the song is presented here as it would be heard from inside John's vocal booth. The side concludes with an early outtake of the number with a rough vocal. Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Six : Maggie Mae Honey Don't Don't Be Cruel Matchbox Dear Prudence Cold Turkey Here We Go Again (Take 2) Woman The Neville Club Rock And Roll People Not Fade Away Sweet Little Sixteen You Can't Catch Me Mirror, Mirror (Take 1) Mirror, Mirror (Take 5) About the recordings: Maggie Mae was recorded at the Hit Factory 1980. Honey Don't, Matchbox & Don't Be Cruel (which features John's dada-istic Elvis impersonation) were recorded during the making of the Plastic Ono Band LP. John Lennon: vocals, guitar Ringo Starr: drums Klaus Voorman: bass Yoko Ono: wind. Dear Prudence is a never before-available mix of the Beatles' track. Cold Turkey is the original demo.

Here We Go Again, Woman and the unreleased song Mirror, Mirror are also demos. John reads his story Neville Club from In His Own Write. Most of side two presents some unreleased fruits of John's working relationship with Phil Spector, including alternate versions of Rock And Roll People, Sweet Little Sixteen & You Can't Catch Me as well as an out-of-control jam of Not Fade Away with The Elephant Memory Band. Mind Games is an alternate take with a rough vocal.

One Of The Boys (Take 2) is a Dakota recording of an unreleased song. The remainder of this volume highlights teh Double Fantasy/Milk And Honey era. Four demos are featured: Dear Yoko (recorded in Bermuda; double tracked vocals & guitar); I Don't Wanna Face It (on guitar); I'm Steeping Out (with guitar and drum machine); Watching The Wheels (recorded at the Dakota with John on the piano). The version of Woman on side one demonstrates how the song sounded in John's vocal booth during it's preliminary run-throughs.

This track is preceded by some candid banter between John and those present in the studio with him. John waxes nostalgic over the old days in the studio with George Martin, etc. The version of woman that closes the album is a studio outtake. Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Eight : Roll Over Beethoven Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On It'll Be Me One-To-One Radio Spot Outtakes New York City God Save Oz Introduction (Lennon & Jagger) Dirty Mac Jam Maurice DuPont - Agent Provocateur That'll Be The Day Rave On Not Fade Away Maybe Baby Heartbeat Peggy Sue Got Married Peggy Sue Corrina Corrina Serve Yourself M. The Best Things In Life Are Free Eat The Document A Nice Noise Basic good ol' rock'n' roll is the major theme of this installment of the Lost Lennon Tapes.

To kick things off John and The Elephant's Memory Band rip through chuck Berry's Roll Over Beethoven. Continuing along in the same vein, they next tackle Jerry Lee Lewis with a medley of his numbers, Whole Lotta Shakin' and It'll Be Me. Some never before-aired outtakes of radio spots for The One-To-One Concerts are next one of which incorporates a raucous live-in-the-studio take of New York City mercifully we've edited out as much of obnoxious Geraldo Riveria's comments as possible. God Save Oz is the complete demo, with vocals by John.

Beatles John and Rolling Stone Mick introduce John's back-up band on the legendary Rolling Stones Rock'N' Roll Circus (Eric Clapton, lead; Keith Richard, bass; Mitch Mitchell, drums; Lennon, rhythm). An instrumental jam by that line-up is then performed.

(The definitive recordings of the Rock'N' Roll Circus performances of Yer Blues and the wild jam with violin Her Blues can be found on the Yin Yang LP, Bag Records #5071). Buddy Holly's influence on John is in evidence on side two of this collection. For starters we go way back to 1958 and present the one-of-a-kind acetate by The Quarrymen (John on lead vocal), That'll Be The Day. Unfortunately, only the beginning and ending of this track are available, but at least it's presented here in the best quality and longest version to date.

The next group of songs (tracks 2-7--all originally made famous by Holly) were performed live with acoustic guitar in the St. Regis Hotel in New York in 1971. They comprise part of the soundtrack to a John & Yoko experimental film called Clock. On Volume Four of this series we featured some of John's Bob Dylan parodies.

The Dylan connection is explored again this time around, first with Lennon's Dakota tape of the folk standard Corrina, Corrina-- John's rendition is apparently based on the arrangement used on the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. Another of John's many Serve Yourself takes is next. But the real coup is the soundtrack to the outtakes of John's appearance in Dylan's film Eat The Document. John only appears in the finished film for a few seconds, but all of the dialog between himself and Bob that was filmed is presented here. You won't hear this stuff on the radio--Dylan is suppressing it and will not allow it to be aired.

He probably doesn't like the part where you can hear him vomit. Our side closers are both Dakota recordings. Side one concludes with Lennon's'mind movie' material, Maurice DuPont-Agent Provocateur Du Jour, R.

(further adventures of which are slated for future volumes of this series). Side two's capper is a father-son collaboration. Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Nine : Tomorrow Never Knows Strawberry Fields Backwards Talk Aerial Tour Instrumental (Flying) Cry Baby Cry Dear Prudence Sexy Sadie Julia Child Of Nature The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill I'm So Tired Yer Blues Everybody's Got Something To Hide What's The New Mary Jane? Revolution Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Ten : Imagine Crippled Inside It's So Hard A Case Of The Blues Sally And Billy Sally And Billy (Take 3) Send Me Some Loving Woman Is The Nigger Of The World New York City Only You Down In Cuba Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Watching The Wheels I'm Losing You Borrowed Time Tobias Casuals Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Eleven : A1 Happy Birthday John 1:07 A2 Julia 3:02 A3 Mother 3:22 A4 I Found Out 3:57 A5 What'd I Say 0:36 A6 How? 3:37 A7 Yellow Submarine 0:35 A8 Chi-Chi's Cafe 3:27 B1 Beautiful Boy 2:44 B2 Howling At The Moon 1:58 B3 Memories 2:32 B4 I'm Losing You 3:15 B5 Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Talking 2:23 B6 Nobody Told Me 3:18 A1: 30th birthday message recording for John by Ringo A8: John and Ringo perform as alter egos (impromtu 60s lunacy) A5 & A7: Inebriated versions with Klaus Voorman, Phil Spector, Allen Ginsberg, and others in a Syracuse hotel room, from 10/8/71 A2: Demo from 1968, predating version on Volume Nine A4: Alternate mix, longer than other released versions A3 & A6: Outtakes from album recordings B1: Two versions here (demo and alternate studio take) B4: Guitar/ drum machine demo (at time, song was called "Stranger's Room") B5: Song that evolved into "Nobody Told Me" B6: Alternate take B2: Unreleased song B3: Unreleased song (borrows melody from "Tennessee") Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Twelve : A1 New York City 2:10 A2 Don't Be Cruel 1:35 A3 Hound Dog 2:52 A4 Send Me Some Lovin' 2:33 A5 I Found Out 2:57 A6 Happy Xmas (War IsOver) 3:18 A7 John & Yoko's Happy Xmas Ditty 1:24 A8 Tobias Casuals #2 1:15 B1 Borrowed Time 3:01 B2 God 2:43 B3 Serve Yourself 4:46 B4 Imagine 2:44 B5 Mucho Mungo 2:15 B6 Mt.

Elga 1:13 B7 Gone From This Place 3:16 Matrix / Runout (Runout Side A - Etched): BAG 5084-A Matrix / Runout (Runout Side B - Etched): BAG 5084-B Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Thirteen : The Great Wok Yer Blues I Found Out Oh Yoko! Pill Out Of The Blue #9 Dream Tobias Casuals #3 John Henry She Is A Friend Of Dorothy Real Love Dear Yoko (Just Like) Starting Over The Return Of Maurice Dupont Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Fourteen : Wedding Album Commercial Stay In Bed Because Oh Yoko! Grapefruit Excerpts Imagine Give Me Some Truth How? San Francisco Bay Blues How Do You Sleep Tobias Casuals #4 Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Fifteen : I´m Stepping Out I´m The Greatest Move Over Ms. Bring On The Lucie Bring On The Lucie #9 Dream People The Luck Of The Irish The Luck Of The Irish Only People Rock And Roll People Mind Games Promo Forgive Me (My Little Flower Princess) Tower Records Spot I Don´t Want To Be A Soldier How Do You Sleep Well (Baby Please Don´t Go) Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Sixteen : Move Over Ms. L Tobias Casuals #5 Clean-Up Time Forgive Me (My Little Flower Princess) Mother I´m Stepping Out Only The Lonely Radio Free London/Oz Rip It Up/Ready Teddy I´m Crazy Beautiful Boy Walls And Bridges Promo Stranger´s Room Woman Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Seventeen : I´m Losing You Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues Peggy Sue Cold Turkey Dear Yoko Bless You Move Over Ms. Living On Borrowed Time Don´t Let Me Down Oh My Love Jealous Guy Surprise Surprise Gone From This Place Lost Lennon Tapes Volume Eighteen : Living On Borrowed Time Michael Lindsey Hogg Talks With John Lennon Yer Blues Yer Blues Don't Let Me Down Just Gotta Give Me Some Rock'n' Roll / Shoeshine How Do You Sleep I Know Power To The People Love Out Of The Blue Bony Moronie Be My Baby. The item "BEATLES JOHN LENNON 18 MINI LP CD BOX SETS VOL 1 THE LOST LENNON TAPES NEW" is in sale since Thursday, November 5, 2020. This item is in the category "Music\CDs". The seller is "jagamart-music-imports" and is located in Bishop, California.

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Beatles John Lennon 18 Mini Lp CD Box Sets Vol 1 The Lost Lennon Tapes New